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Mission Statement

We are a small, all volunteer, 501(c)3, nonprofit rescue group dedicated to saving and re-homing Yorkies and other small-breed dogs in need. Our mission is to evaluate, rehabilitate and  place these dogs in permanent loving homes. Incoming dogs will be examined and treated by a veterinarian and cared for by experienced foster homes until they are adopted by an approved family. We will incorporate education and public outreach programs to help further these goals.

Meet Sherry

MeetSherryHi, I'm Sherry Baby and Sherry's Place Rescue is named after me. My Mommie  was amazed that such a little girl could make such big difference in her life and when I became very sick with "Liver Shunt" she was so scared she would lose me, but some wonderful doctors operated on me and I got all better. After she was given the gift of my life Mommie knew she needed to help other dogs who didn't have someone to take care of them. She started working with rescue dogs and I had many foster brothers and sisters who lived with us until they could be adopted by a loving family. Now Mommie and two of her rescue friends have decided to start a rescue for Yorkies and other small breed dogs who need forever homes. Please take a look at the dogs available at Sherry's Place Rescue. Can you give one of them a loving home and family? They all deserve to be loved as much as my Mommie loved me. Let a small dog make a big difference in your life.

In Loving Memory
Sherry Baby
January 31, 2000 - November 3, 2011